Things to know...

If you have not experienced a Sunset Cruise in Cabo, you are definitely missing the best sunset you may ever witness.  Tailchaser does not specialize in Sunset Cruises, but we have offered this cruise to our returning clients whom have either shared this experience with a loved one or family.  During season, you may have the opportunity to watch the whales migrating north.  If you have never gone whale watching, you will not be disappointed, for it is a sight to behold.  The Sunset Cruise is a 3 hour cruise.  We can provide a bottle of white or red wine with crackers and cheese for you to enjoy during your cruise.  You may also bring along with you any snacks and beverages.  Our yacht can accommodate 8 adults comfortably, children are welcomed for we are happy to cater to clients and their families.  As this is a new service we are providing, you may still have some questions.  Please feel free to contact us, our contact information is provided on the website.  Thank you